Buying & Selling Used Ophthalmic Equipment

Treasure Coast Ophthalmic is your #1 resource for buying & selling used, refurbished & reconditioned ophthalmic & optical equipment. While we are a full service ophthalmic and optical equipment company, your needs are never too large or too small for us to handle with the personal, price-competitive service that our customers have come to rely on. Learn more about the principals and services of Treasure Coast.

Treasure Coast Ophthalmic is pleased to add IBEX LED slit lamps, tonometers, and Wireless LED binocular indirect ophthalmoscopes to our line. NEVER CHANGE A BULB AGAIN! IBEX LED slit lamps and Wireless LED indirect ophthalmoscopes come with three year warranty and five year warranty on the LED’s. This is the best warranty in the industry. The quality of the equipment is outstanding. Give it a try.

We are currently looking to purchase OCT’s!

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  • TonoPens, all calibrated & working perfectly. 2 Medtronics XL's, 1 Reichert, 1 Accutome. Each w/carrying case. $2200/ea
  • Marco Encore full power chair & Marco Deluxe stand $6500
  • Reliance #880 exam chair w/stand, kick lock lower arm(4) $3000/ea
  • Reichert/AO #11625 Ultramatic phoroptors w/minus cyls(7) $2800/ea
  • Reichert/AO #11635 Ultramatic phoroptors w/plus cyls(2) $2800/ea
  • Topcon VT-10 w/minus cyls
  • AO Rx Master w/minus cyls(2) $1200/ea
  • Marco G IV Ultra slit lamps w/#870 tonometers(2) $5000/ea
  • Topcon SL-2 ED w/tonomtr, 2ED had rheostat on slt lmp base $3800
  • Topcon SL-2E slit lamps w/tonometers $3500.00
  • Topcon SL-6E slit lamp $3500
  • Topcon SL-5D slit lamps(2) $2300/ea
  • Shin Nippon slit lamp w/tonometer, Haag Streit style $2900
  • Mentor slit lamp w/tonometer, Haag Streit style $2900
  • Humphrey 740 Visual Field Analyzer w/pwr tbl, printer, keybrd $7900
  • Konan robo non contact specular microscope $5000
  • Octopus 5000 perimeter $2500
  • Humphrey FDT 710 perimeter $3500
  • Haag Streit Interforrmeter $1500
  • Keeler All Pupil Indirect Ophthalmoscopes $1500
  • Trial lens sets & trial frames $350/ea
  • Various power tables $350/ea
  • Humphrey 350 auto lensometer $2500
  • Marco 101 lensometer(2) $1000/ea
  • Marco Prism Exophthalmometer $200
  • Coming in next week: Reliance #6200 exam chair, NEWER UNIT w/Reliance #7800 stand $6995
  • Coming in next week: Haag Streit 900 BM slit lamp w/Haag Streit tonometer NEWER UNIT $7695
  • Coming in next week: Heine 180 Indirect ophthalmoscope $1200