iBEX All-in-One Acuity System

Posted for Sale on March 1, 2017

Your favorite standard, speciality and patient education charts are now at your fingertips – along with an array of masking and the ability to quickly program your preferred test sequence. The iBEX Acuity System is a truly comprehensive solution for fast and fun acuity testing – we even include a complete installation kit so that everyone can easily install this ultralight, 5.5 lb unit in 20 minutes or less…we’re the first to do this. Simply stated, we took the best that was out there and made it better!

  • Modern 17″ HD LCD Flat Panel
  • IR Wireless Remote Control
  • Working Distance: 6ft to 24ft
  • Forward or Reversed for Mirrored Exam Lanes
  • Widest Array of Charts Including ETDRS
  • Flexible Mounting Options – wall or desk
  • Customizable On-Screen Scripts
  • Randomization Feature to Prevent Patient Memorization
  • Personalized Presentations via Removable SD Card or USB Device
  • Complete iBEX Installation Kit – We’re the first to do this!



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