Zeiss Atlas 995 Corneal Topographer

Zeiss Atlas 995 Corneal Topographer. Excellent condition. Just professionally serviced. $6500.00

Marco Tilt Exam Chair w/Marco Deluxe Stand

Just reconditioned with new paint and upholstery. Excellent condition. Two sets available. Asking $5500.00.

iBEX Exam Lane Makeover

Your Chair & Stand….We Provide the Rest! iBEX Exam Lane Makeover Packages Package 1 iBEX 2-Step LED Slit Lamp iBEX Digital Acuity Chart iBEX Manual Refractor $7,285.00 Package 2 iBEX 5-Step LED Slit Lamp iBEX Digital Acuity Chart iBEX Manual Refractor $9,285.00 Package 3 iBEX 2-Step LED Slit Lamp iBEX Wireless LED Indirect iBEX Digital […]

iBEX Manual Refractor

Crafted from high-grade optics, precision-cut metal and brass gears and hand-assembled using the finest synthetic lubricants we can find, the iBEX refractor delivers smooth operation, spot-on accurate optics and familiarly located control knobs. Simply stated, we took the best that was out there and made it better! Wavefront verified optics with anti-reflective coating Precision-cut metal […]

iBEX All-in-One Acuity System

Your favorite standard, speciality and patient education charts are now at your fingertips – along with an array of masking and the ability to quickly program your preferred test sequence. The iBEX Acuity System is a truly comprehensive solution for fast and fun acuity testing – we even include a complete installation kit so that […]

Zeiss Cirrus HD-OCT 400

Zeiss Cirrus HD-OCT 400 for sale. To be thoroughly checked out and upgraded, if necessary, by a Zeiss factory trained representative. $26,995.00

Zeiss IOL Master with 5.4.3 Version Software

Just upgraded and serviced by a Zeiss factory trained representative. Excellent condition. Six month warranty. $16,000.00

iBEX 2-Step LED Slit Lamp

A Leap Forward in Slit Lamp Engineering Born from unrestrained engineering and modern advances in tissue observation, the iBEX 2-Step has upped the ante on what a doctor should expect in slit lamp microscopy. iBEX’s 2-Step optical system is a categorical improvement in converging optics. A sophisticated combination of wide-field eye pieces, prisms, lenses and […]

iBEX 5-Step LED Slit Lamp

A Milestone in Slit Lamp Engineering Building a slit lamp that delivers new levels of tissue observation, coupled with high magnifications and unprecedented field of views, required new solutions and ultimately an advanced optical system. After intensive design and engineering work, milestones were ultimately achieved and the success laid the foundation for the iBEX 5-Step […]

iBEX Wireless LED BIO

Stimulating Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopy.. Just a Bit! Born from the milestones achieved with our advanced iBEX LED Slit Lamps, we’ve applied many of the same advances in tissue observation to the new iBEX Wireless LED BIO. It’s breakthrough technology in high-contrast viewing of the optic nerve, macula, retina and vitreous..and next step in the important […]